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Review Date: Sat February 25, 2006 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: None indicated | Rating: 9 

Positive aspects of the product (pros): Very good service + direct flight
Cons: A little more dearer than other flights from the UK.

Flight: BA 882 (direct/non stop)

Date: 21/02/06 (sunday)

Departure: Heathrow, London

Destination: Borispol, Kiev


Flight: BA 883 (direct/non stop)

Date: 27/02/06

Departure: Borispol, Kiev

Destination: Heathrow, London


Prior to this visit, I had used British Airways for the same flights in November 2005. Every time I fly with BA I only fly economy. In my opinion on this flight you do not need to pay extra.

Checking in:

I don't know if you get this with other flight companies, but you can check in online. Also you can check in using one of the BA machines in the airport. I have yet to use either and stick to the traditional method. When checking in the BA staff aske where you would like to sit, window or aisle. On the way into Kiev I prefer to sit in an aisle seat. From what I remember there is not much to see when it is cloudy during the winter. On the way back I prefer to sit in a window seat, so I get to see the whole of central London - by the time you are over London you are fairly low down and get a pretty good view of all the main sites, especially on a clear day. I'm from England, but have never been to central London before, so for me it is nice just to see it from a bird's eye view. Also it flies directly over my grandmother's flat in east London.

On both visits to Kiev I have found that there is always the middle seat spare, giving you plenty of room as well the person on the other side of the middle seat. However, both times I have flown with BA on this route it has been during the winter, so maybe less tourists are going to be travelling to Kiev around that time of the year. The space between you and the row of seats in front seems to be fairly good. Better than other companies I have used in the past for longer destinations. I have found the seats are very comfortable and much better than some that I have travelled on in the past. The head rests are comfortable and it makes a change from having to angle my head correctly, as not to cause neck ache later on. Also the seating was in very good condition.

Inflight meal:

Although I have never been qa big fan of inflight meals, I would say BA meals on this flight have been pretty good.

On the BA 882 flight, because it's an early flight it's a breakfast meal you are given. They provide you with a mini english breakfast meal, a reasonably sized&sealed orange juice and a few other small options. I find what they provide is plenty enough and all edible.

On the BA 883 flight, it's an afternoon flight and so obviously the meal reflects that. I'm a bit vague on the exact contents of this meal, but from what I remember, the tray contained a small spicy sauce on chicken with rice meal, a strage sort of mini meal that (for me) resemble moussaka and was a bit fiddly to cut, bread and slices of fruit.

On both flights, usually around the time of your meals they serve you the drinks first and after they serve you the meals it is not long afterwards that they come back and offer you a top-up or an alternative drink. I could be wrong but I think on my initial trip, I even got a third top-up! Usually the drinks are various fruit juices, coffee, teas etc. Enough to keep hunger at bay for the duration of the flight.

Luggage issues:

I have found on both occassions when I come off the flight there are never any lost luggage issues.

Customer service:

Everytime i have visited I have found the staff to be reasonably helpful. One lad I think was new at check in, this time around, but we all have to start somewhere, lol.


Only on one occassion the toilets were not at their best, but I think that was the guy's fault who got to the toilet just before me. People, can we wipe the seats when we struggle to aim when going pee-pee!!!! lol :o)


I can't really fault the serviice on either flights. Perhaps the BA staff that work in Borispol airport were not as helpful as in Heathrow. On one occassion in Borispol the BA member of staff failed to offer me a window or aisle seat option, but that wasn't 'the be all and end all' for me. The flights were comfortable and I was impressed with the level of fill ups I received on drinks. Maybe I should stop using package holidays flights, as I don't remember getting so many free drinks and good service. I would give it a 10, but I feel the Borispol side of the service in the airport was a little weaker. I'm going to be picky here and drop the overall rating from 10 down to 9. I will be using them again for my next trip.
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Review Date: Sun February 26, 2006 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: $412.00 | Rating: 10 

Positive aspects of the product (pros): Excellent all round service
Cons: Dearer than some alternatives

Outbound - 14th Feb 2006.

BA 1385 MAN - LHR 07:25
BA 878 LHR - LED (StPb) 09:40

Inbound - 19th Feb 2006.

BA 879 LED - LHR 17:00
BA 1404 LHR - MAN 19:05

Price is 412 NOT $!!!

First of all I would like to point out that although I am British and 39 years old, this is the first time I have ever used British Airways. I must admit, I was reluctant to use them due to their higher prices but the service I received was higher than I expected and I had a nice surprise from them too! This was a two leg journey (Manchester to Heathrow - Heathrow to St. Petersburg.) Had I have booked the flight earlier than two weeks prior to departure, I would have paid a much lower price.

Booking/Customer Service:

Booking the flights was easy and stress free via their website and I contacted their telephone helpline to ask advice about the transferral of luggage between flights. They dealt with my query efficiently.

Check In:

This was easy too; although they have the option of checking in online or using the automatic machines in their dedicated terminal (at Manchester) I checked in the usual way due to my first leg being a connecting flight. No queue and sorted very quickly.


The only problem here was having a small delay due to our inflight meals being spilled by the catering company (no fault of BA.) A nice surprise in the form of all drinks and snacks being free; I've never experienced that before - WOW!! There was a small delay on my return connecting flight back into Manchester but nothing to worry about. The seating was excellent too; more room and good head support.

Overall, the service I received from BA was excellent. I booked the flight due to the convenience of flight times but I must say, I will use them again when I go back to StPb in March.
so cal rick

Registered: October 2005
Location: Southern California, San Diego area
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Review Date: Sun February 26, 2006 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: None indicated | Rating: 10 

Positive aspects of the product (pros): service
Cons: none

British airways was flown from England to Ekaterinburg Russia and return

This is one first rate airline, Their service is impecible, food was first rate, even though I flew coach, drinks were on the house as far as i could see.

The flight attendants were happy to perform jobs, I was impressed

Note: just opposite occured when using USA domestic airline

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